SKIP Georgia Chapter, Inc.


Our Services

Customized Implementation

SKIP Georgia, Inc's structured implementation and best practices ensure a community's readiness to implement change.  Each community reaches its implementation goals by utilizing its resources effectively and efficiently throughout the project.

We understand each district is unique, as are our solutions.  SKIP, Inc. Georgia professionals will identify the right services to support and enhance program effectiveness overall.

Implementation Team

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable service professionals will assess your organization, create a customized plan that identifies community needs, defines goals and establishes appropriate training and implementation steps.  SKIP.Georgia will also ensure that an effective learning environment is established.  Such a plan will provide optimal knowledge within your team with measurable results and improvement.

A successful SKIP Georgia implementation will result in:

  • improved relationships with Partners and the community and the population served;
  • innovative usage of current technology;
  • customer empowerment through open communication and feedback channels;
  • improved team relationships and increased team effectiveness; and
  • a comprehensive approach to change management and ongoing support.

Our implementation process includes:

  • Planning - Detailed work plans, tasks, assignments, schedules,expectations and deliverables
  • Preparation - Prepare the organization, staff, operations, business processes, procedures, technology and communication flow for implementation
  • Pilot - implement your solution in a sub-set of the organization or population being served.  Pilot may be to test, implement quality assurance, or to go-live with full deployment
  • Roll-out - Implement a new solution by using a phased or staggered approach
  • Completion - Conduct a post-assessment or informal review of system, processes and procedures impacted by program changes.  Continually monitor,measure and manage for continuous improvement

Project Management

SKIP, Inc. National Chapter has a stellar reputation of working with communities who serve children of incarcerated parents for over 30 years. The project management methodology is market-proven and offers innovative solutions.  The team will work in partnership with your community to plan and manage solutions, which includes managing:

  • Project scope
  • Budget limitations
  • Scheduling
  • Resources
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Risks, issues and concerns
  • Communications & Status Reports

Successful Outcomes

The SKIP Georgia approach and service professionals ensure success by:

  • following world-class standards for high performance and excellence
  • using proven methods from SKIP, Inc. National experiences with satisfied customers
  • facilitating continuous stakeholder engagement to build collaborative partnerships, minimize costs and promote widespread buy-in throughout the community; and
  • establishing effective management controls, policies and procedures, with accompanying documentation.

SKIP Georgia Chapter, Inc. services provide the expertise and project management skills required for effective deployment of new programs.  We have successfully helped our customers meet their objectives of on-time delivery, high-quality and accurate program design, optimal performance, and effectiveness and faster turn-around-time to achieve success.  Our customers know that we will share knowledge and best practices to enable continued success and accelerated adoption of technologies and methodologies within the community.

Consulting and Professional Services

SKIP Georgia offers a wide range of services that ensure a community can reach its goals to support children of incarcerated parents and their families.  Our solutions are designed to minimize the financial and personal hardships that often accompany program implementation.  Our goal is to ensure the success of a community plan by offering flexible and cost effective programs that are administered with a high level of personalized service.

Our services include:


  • District Needs Analysis
  • Program Needs Assessment
  • Visioning and Mission Development
  • Community Stakeholder Presentations
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication Plans


  • Implementation Management
  • Phased Milestone Approach
  • Project Team Development
  • technical & Professional Skills Development
  • Stakeholder Presentations
  • Risk Management

Research & Reporting

  • Data Planning and Validation
  • Recommendations for Data Collection
  • Custom Report Design & Data Management
  • Data Definition for District-wide reporting
  • Information Dissemination Plan

Training Services

  • Professional & Personal Skills Development
  • Technical Skills Training
  • Custom Training Plan
  • Training & Technology Needs Analysis

Support Services

  • Family Reunification
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Community Resource Referrals

Experienced Training Professionals

SKIP Georgia's training professionals have direct experience in education, administration, and technology for local, national, and global projects.  Our expertise spans across industry, culture and geography to bring valuable first-hand experience to the learning process.

Customized Training Options

SKIP Georgia, Inc professionals partner with your community leaders to plan a training program that will meet needs and budget requirements.  Our training approach is designed to enable participants to rapidly learn and easily apply new knowledge.  We provide your team with introductions to innovative concepts and best practices needed to get up and running without disruption to current responsibilities.

Onsite Training - All training courses may be facilitated at your facility.  Such courses will incur fees for travel and expenses for instructors.

Train-the-Trainer - SKIP Georgia trainers teach district personnel to deliver product specific training to their users.  Licensing fees for course curricula may vary.

Training Groups and Audience

Our courses contain specific curricula geared towards training the following groups within the targeted population:

  • School and District Administrators
  • School Principals & Program Directors
  • Teachers & Program Coordinators
  • Community Leaders & Advocates
  • Caregivers & Families
  • Power Users & Trainers
  • Mentors